Find out about the other productions of the authors of "The Stories of Wismo"

A history of Switzerland told through animated stories for young children.There are 26 episodes, 4 minutes long, each of which are both playful and amusing. 

Fairy Story Portraits
Digital pictures of characters from fairy stories... 

Le Colporteur
The author's professional web site with 2D animations, scripts, details of productions, drawings and infographics... 

Wismo's Theatre
"Wismo and the Lost Children" made up of animated stories and live actors is funny, fairy show.

Wismo's games
Games from Wismo you can use on mobile phones, and tablets.Free to upload. Enjoy yourself !


Wismo's Friends

Nadasdy Film
Producer and Director: Nicolas Burlet and Zoltan Horvath. 

"Minimabule" TSR's web site for young people. You can see the animated stories again for free, up to 7 days after their initial broadcast.

International distributor of the "The Stories of Wismo". 

Web agency in Geneva. Creators of the Wismo website, which was designed by Colporteur

Creators of the App for Wismo. Games on mobile phones and tablets

Les jouets d'ArthurThe blog of "Jouets d'Arthur" who sell wooden toys and fancy dress for children

Maman Mammouth
The trials of Maman Mammouth

Ma p'tite tribu
The blog of a woman loves life !

Le Blog bébé
Mother and Father's Baby Blog

Une femme à l'ouest
If you are not in, then you are out

Le blog de Maman nounou
A maternity assistant who share her experiences and articles on Motherhood.

MumchaThe life of a young mother and her young Zarico

Bergamote Family
Baby food and recipes. A zest for life

Parceque les filles sont des pipelettes !

Famille Nombreuse Famille Heureuse
Maman de 8 loulous !

Eniraa est maman
Maman d’une petite gonzesse et en couple avec un super-héros...

Le petit monde de Tom et Iris
On découvre, on teste, on partage !

The dangers of the internet/Prevent accidents

Internet sans crainte


Pegi Online 



Pipad’es - Prevent accidents happening to children