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Get the “Stories of Wismo” for tablets.


Each story is interactive, inviting the reader to find the surprise which will lead to the next page. You can listen to the stories as well. As an extra, the colouring pictures, the puzzles and other games let you have the pleasure of spending more time with Wismo.



The Day when ... Wismo met Dame Trufficole

Taken from a French legend.

Wismo discovers why pigs are so good at looking for truffles.


The Day when ... an cross bow man shot at an apple

Taken from a Swiss story

Wismo helps William Tell become a legend!


The Day when ... a little boy put out a fire

Taken from a Belgian story

Wismo saves a town thanks to a little boy who also becomes a legend.


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Wismo also has small books for children, which help them discover his enchanted world. Unfortunately these books are sold out at present, but you will be notified on this website, or on Facebook, when new copies are available.