Both authors and directors

Pascal Vaucher de la Croix


Pascal Vaucher de la Croix, was born in 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland. He has a degree in architecture, and industrial design. and has worked for himself since 1999. Being a lover of cartoon books, and animated cartoons, he has taken part in many Animated Stories competitions. This led him to open his own company in 2005 called "Le Colporteur", which specializes in graphic design and 2D animation.

Chantal Teano


Born in Lausanne in 1970, she has worked as a self taught artist since 1990. She undertakes painting commissions, and shows her work in the gallery "Le Primaire" in Geneva. Since 2006, she has been also been a member of the "Le Colporteur" production team.


Pascal and Chantal have been developing Project Wismo since the year 2000. They are the author directors of the "Stories of Wismo" , which was first broadcast on the RTS in August 2012. The series is still being shown in around 10 countries.

In 2013 they developed a new series called "Helveticus" working again as author directors. This 26 part series on the history of Switzerland for small children was broadcast in November 2013 on the 4 Swiss national channels and on TV5 World.

From 2008 they have been making paintings of the main characters in myths and fairy stories. These digital painting are the fruit of their collaboration. They were the subject of a mini documentary "Le Colporteur: a Fantastic Studio" on the TSR.


Pascal Vaucher de la Croix  & Chantal Teano Les auteursChantal, Pascal & Sam










Jacques Zürcher


Born on the 1st December 1960, Jacques lives and works in Geneva as a composer musician. He studied in cinema school in Bruxelles, and then in 1984, with a colleague, he created his first recording studio. In 1994 he built his own studio, Panoramix. He worked in theatre, dance and cinema, composing and recording musical scores. He worked with the Radio Swiss Romande, and collaborated on industrial films, adverts, TV programmes and with rock groups. He created the original music and sound effects for the "Stories of Wismo". In 2013 he did the same fo « Helveticus ».