Always carrying his magic bag, Wismo is a little Pixie exploring the world of European myths and fairy stories. They reveal the very essence of each country, allowing us to experience our common European culture.

Wismo is a clever eye witness, sometimes a bit clumsy, but always ready to help and sort situations out that appear unfair. He explores life, not knowing exactly where he is going, but open to all possibilities.

Even if sometimes he is obliged to do things, they are all necessary parts of the story. Without him, these myths and fairy stories wouldn't have turned out as they have today. In a way, Wismo is the hidden hero of these stories, forgotten by history. Now is the time to remedy that, and to rediscover what has been forgotten



Concept Wismo

Projet WismoThe project

Project Wismo, is a 52 part TV series called "The Stories of Wismo". Each episode is 3 minutes long, designed for 3 year olds and above.

The first programmes were broadcast on RTS in September 2012. We had several guidelines in developing Project Wismo ...
We wanted to tell stories for children
We wanted to explore the myths and fairy stories of Europe.

Story tellers told stories remembered in the oral tradition. Writers put them down on paper, and we are telling them again through the media of animation.

Wismo is a character whose origins lie in our common European culture. He lives in a forest which is like Broceliande in Brittany, or those in Scandinavia. His adventures are a way of exploring our common heritage. Bringing these myths and fairy stories back to life, we can immerse ourselves in the diversity of our common cultural ancestry.