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Drive a sledge

To escape the wolves, Wismo finds refuge on a sledge
Help the driver of the sledge
Take care to avoid the obstacles to get as far away as possible

To find out how Wismo finally gets away from the wolves, look at episode 32 of the "Stories of Wismo".

Climb up the Tower

Wismo goes into a ruined tower to hide
Get him as high up as possible
Be careful, some of the steps are not safe

To know why Wismo is hiding in the tower, look at episode 15 of the"Stories of Wismo".

Build with Wismo

Wismo has to build a big tower
Stack the bricks one on the other to get as high as possible.

To know who the strange people are hiding in the trees, look at episode 12 of the "Stories of Wismo".

Jump over the rocks

Wismo has to get to the Giant's Island
Help him jump over the rocks to get as far as he can
Be careful not to fall in the water

To see the Giant, look at episode 49 in the "Stories of Wismo".

Catch the pigs

It is raining pigs!
Wismo can help them, thanks to his Magic Bag.
Help him catch as many pigs as possible!

To know why it is raining pigs, look at episode 5 of the "Stories of Wismo".

Fill up the pot

frog is hiding in the Magic Fountain in the Green Wood.
Because of her, Wismo is filling a pot with magnificent red fruit.
Help the frog to throw as much fruit as possible in the pot. Be careful that they don't
fall in the water

To know why Wismo is in the mysterious Green Wood, look at episode 51 of the "Stories of Wismo".

Educational Games

These are classic games with different levels of difficulty to help children get used to computers. These games were developed for junior school children in France.

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